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Starlight Technology

All colour, all night

Starlight technology is the gold standard in low-light video performance. It provides clear images regardless of lighting conditions, time of day, or object movement. Provides full video analytics plus colour filtering down to 0.001 lux.

Check out this picture that was taken at 12:00am for what starlight can do for you!

How does it work?

Starlight is a high-performing low light technology that magnifies existing lighting to provide full-colour night vision. This enables you to:

  • Capture License Plates much clearer because it doesn't use IR when enabled which would bounce the light back distorting the image
  • See further distances at night
  • View Clear and precise details such as the shirt colour a suspect is wearing
  • Have flexibility because Starlight is a hardware-based technology that is embedded in the camera and not the NVR

Our Apps



Quickly and securely set up your video surveillance for remote viewing on Android and Apple smartphones and tablets using the CymCam 2 mobile app. CymCam2 allows users to stay in touch with their home and business even while away with live video, event notifications, one-way audio communication, and video playback.


  • Free Cloud Updates
  • Easy Sharing with Family or Employees
  • Remote Viewing and Configuration from anywhere
  • 24/7 and Motion Detected Playback
  • Alarmed Notifications
  • Add Multiple Devices for Work & Home in one place
  • Ultra 265+ Recording for Reduced Storage


Easy control of your system from any browser around the world. Access tons of features such as live view, playback, and the NVRs system configuration.

Save time and money when things stop working by simply sharing access with your installer and have them access it remotely.

Guard Station

  • Seamless control management for Cymbol's IP cameras, and NVR's.
  • Efficient device management software that is easily downloaded and accessible on any Mac or PC.
  • Diverse functions:
    • Live view
    • Recording
    • Playback
    • PTZ control
    • Alarm
    • E-Map
    • Video wall

Advanced Analytics


VCA - Video Content Analysis

Advanced analytics make it seamless to return back to the events that matter.

Basic Analytics Include:

  • Motion Detection - Object moving in field of view
  • Line Crossing - Objects crossing a defined point
  • Facial Detection - Recognizes Faces
  • Audio Detection - Records Audio
  • Auto Tracking - Tracking Objects/People (PTZ)
  • People Counting
  • Objects being moved or left behind
  • Scene Change and Defocus Detection

Advanced Analytics Include:

  • License Plate Recognition
  • Facial Recognition